hepi nu year

first of all, i want to say heppi nu year to all.. hope this year will be better than the past year! klise bener yak?? tp gw percaya, kta memang hrs slalu menjadi manusia yg baik di hari2 selanjutny (ciiieeh..)

this year is kinda different from other new year celebrating eve that i had. since mi parents aren't home yet (still @ madinnah! come home soon u both!), we (my fenz en i) had a little party @ my home. we had a bbq party last night. still exhausted till this noon (huahua..), cuz we have to grilled the meat, chicken, and other foods.. capee bo'.. hahaha..

our previous plans are shopping, bbq-ing, en watching fireworks @ lapis.. but.. as the times goes by.. (cieeh..) we changed the last plan! we couldn't watch fireworks @ lapis.. @ 11.00 pm we still struggled with the bbq,, hahaha.. still many meats which aren't grilled yet! hahaha.. so, we decided to watch it from my house..

though, still a memorable partiiyy... bye2 2008, welcome 2009