luv u sistaaaa

now, let's talk bout my lil sista.. her name is anggi.. but i call her wawi, wewi, mami gorilla, and others name that i made it by myself.. ^^

bout the name, wawi.. i made it since she was just a little (imagine that,, when she was a little.. huahua..). the history of that name, i can't tell u. cuz' let it be my secret and mistery.. huahua... even she doesn't know why i called her that. so, my mom, pha, even mbak (our nanny since we were kids) also call her wawi.. sometimes i change it a lil bit, like sawi, mewi, wakwik (my mom do this!), and others... >strange me..< ^^

we have 6 years gap. quite a long different age right? no wonder we usually have a up-down relationship.. hihihi.. plus she has a bad temper mood.. that's where i had the nick name, mami gorilla.. when she is not in the right mood,, all she can do is throw all her tantrum (it can be slamming the door, crying, yelling, or beast face! hihihi)..

sometimes just wanna eat her when the tantrum comes up

but, instead all of that.. i admire her so much.. she's got brain (even without the behaviour and beauty! huahua.. just kiddin baby!).. she was in acceleration's class before (so did my bro).. she's in SHS which is famous with its intelligences, and many things that i can't mention it.. envy u sist (so do u, bro! where can i get those brains?? is mangdu can sell that 4 me?? so i can be genius like both of u?? hahaha)

now she's in her teenage age.. she turns to be a aware-of-fashions girl.. hahaha.. cut her hair, wear trendy clothes, sometimes doing diet, and so on.. i just wanna hope a very lucky 4 u.. u were born as a last child in our family. so u have many figures role that u can follow. u can ask us bout life (cuz we had been thru this! believe us!), sure we would like to share to u... ^^

let's do smack-down aaahh again... huahua..

happy to see us just like this... akur!!! huahua