wanna live by myself?

today, i went to bogor to sent cherish back home (hahaha!). due to a very long weekend, no wonder his room became so nasty (smelly o'course! gyaa..). maa and i have to clean it first, cuz i dont wanna have an itchy skin, right?

a couple weeks ago, he moved his room into a larger one. still not large enough, but better than the previous room. so, there's a lot of things to fill the room, including tv, carpet, cabinets, desks, and so on.. so we bought it before we came.

next is decorating the room. boys always be boys... he didn't know how to arrange those items by himself!! so, he let this job to me and mom.. lucky that i had a chance to give an order to him.. like, "bawa ember nya!", "cuciin nih", "ambil air", hahaha!

ambilin emberr~~

nyapuu teruusss...

doing this kind a thing, reminds me the thought of living by myself. if i had a chance to go to college out of town, my life would turn out to be like him today, being "anak kos"... sometimes i wanna feel "one day become anak kos"! living alone, manage my life by myself, studying with others anak kos, buying daily stuffs, and others...

it could be fun, if i also could live abroad. in other country, no family around! hmm... wish i could have that chance... *dreaming dreaming... ^^

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