let's learn korean

yeeiy... almost a week (or less than 5 days?? dunno!) i learned bout the korean letters! it is a big achievement for me esp! since i'm a moody person; used to change my mind in a second when i'm bored!
so far, i've already remember most of the letter (consonant and vocal).. but still got so many mistakes when i have to compound it.. my sist also help me to study, she's the mentor! and she's very immpatient to me.. evry time i got wrong or forget, she's easily nag at me! ahahaha... (kumawo by the way)

the other method bout learning hanggul is watching "let's speak korean" on arirang tv! even, it's not help me a lot (so fast! i can't remember all!), but still love to watch!

cmon evrybody! let's learn korean! ahahaha...

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