celebrate the day that u were born!

counting the day to celebrate my 21st bday! about 2 days moooree... ^^ i just wondering what was my mom doing at this moment 21 years ago.. did she nervous cuz this is the first time for her to give birth? had no idea bout what would happen in the next 2 days?? or will she happy to have a beautiful daugther like me?? hahaha.. wish i could borrowed "mesin waktu" from doraemon and nobita.

lil lia, was crying! that was a happy cry! so happy was born into the world!

from my parents story, i was born wit lil help from our neighbor. at that time, my dad wasnt at home yet. he still at his office, while my mom was struggling cuz i was excited to go out from her belly! (kyaaa.. ^^). the person who helped my mom, is pak sir. he took mom to the hospital! thanx 4 the help! bcoz of u i was born! hehehe...
exactly on april, 25th 1988 i came into the world safely! i cant imagine how hard she was. i am wondering what mom and dad were thinking when they see me for the first time? did they want me to be a doctor someday? or married a handsome prince??
ahahaha.. i think i know the answer. they just wanna see me happy and become a succesful person! they always told me that how lucky i am. i didnt have to fight hard for having a life like they are. esp my dad who fighting hard to became a succesful man without raised by a dad (grandpa passed away since he was in elementary). so does my mom, she had to take care of her family as the first daughter!
hhhh... i should be a very lucky person to have them as my parents! yes i do! i'm proud of u guys!
today, i just wanna say thank u soo much 4 both of u! for raising me up, taking care of me, and all of the things that u did to me for about 21 years and hope forever! hope i would never make u dissapointed.... luv u guys!

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