do you believe in love??

recently i heard many good songs! and suddenly i became very mellow! one of those songs is craig david-do you believe in love?

do you??

i dont know, either. u can say, that i havent felt that kind of 'love'. yes i do! a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine, ask bout my love life.. i answered it very simple.. "dunno.. mungkin gw dah mati rasa".
noo.. u just dont have the chance.. deep in heart u know u do, honey!

yes maybe that's true. but dunno.. sounds ridiculous maybe. i'm kind of person that very logic! i use my mind not my heart!

u do have heart! u just embarrassed to show it. cmon just show it, tell evrybody!

okay, sometimes i wanna be weak, too. feel the pain and hurt. it's kinda i'm tired to be tough! i wanna share my weight with someone else..

that's human being! proud of u! just keep going..

but too bad, hard to believe in something 'called love'. u can laugh at that. but i thought that sometimes people change so fast.. last day saying i love u for thousands times,, but in couple minute turns to be an enemy.

owwwh.. i hate that!! i hate such kind of dramas! my life itself is pretty busy too huh.. feels like just wasting time dealing with child's problems! hhhh...

that's part of life darling. such a boring day if just a happy simple life,, huh?? am i right??

okay okay.. i admit that, sometimes drama makes ur life very colorful! hh... but i'm still cant imagine that! i just want a happy normal life! can't i?? hahaha..

people say that i'm picky.. so what?? i need someone that best for me right?? aarrgghh.. bout this one, let's discuss it in next opportunity. okay!

yep, next issue! i'll be the one hearing ur thoughts! dun worry..

so, my last quest once again,, do you believe in love?? i'm not sure, but sure i will.. someone please let me believe in you.. :)

one day, someone will.. just believe in ur self!