gotta prove u someday mom!!

hi.. long time i haven't posted right here.. been busy lately (ceilah.. wakakaka..)

but seriously, i'm on my exams week.. huuh.. hope these exams gonna be okay. since i made a bet with david.. hahahaha... here's the bet. if one of my subjects get C (or under), i'll buy david hageen dazs ice cream (little one.. hahaha..)!!!

the reason i made this bet, cuz these days mom made me angry so much! she blamed me being late for come home.. i know i made a mistake, but can't her leave me alone with dat?? i'm old enough to make a decision. i'm old enough to come home late.. my education is my own responsibilty!! haaaaahhh.... *burning up again!! hahaha..


case closed! the most important thing is now i'm gonna show u, mom, that i can get good grades eventhough i played a lot!! we'll see that time! HAHAHAHAHAHA.....

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