happy 100th posts

i can't believe it's 100th posts! almost a year i post every kind of things in this blog!

i remember, i made this blog because of my sister. she and her friends made very very creative blog. i can't believe 15 years old girl made such a beautiful and honest posts.. i think that they're must be so good at pelajaran bahasa indonesia. since i'm no good at that lesson! hahaha...

it was september 16, 2008 i made my first blog! i remember how 'mem-bete-kan' because on my first time writing the electricity was gone! ha! i'm laughing a lot right now, imagine about year ago.. hihihi...

i always thought that writtings is just about the hobby.. but now, i believe we can learn something from that. people say that there's nothing to do to look yesterday. *nah, i think on otherwise.. i learn from yesterday, to make a better day tomorrow. that's what i get from blog!

sometimes blog is a easy way to keep our memorize too.. since brain has its own capacity (which is mine cant accept too many! haha), so i put it in this blog. i love re-read everything i wrote.. it bring back memories! ^^

as you can see my writings, there's a lot of kind of issue. in every time i write, i tried to be honest, even though sometimes i do make a hyperbole (haha!) and made a confusing writings! ^^ but that's me! and i do love writings!

hope can make another 100 posts again, and also make a inspirational post for you guys! keep post!

ps: thanx for blogger.com who provide a place where i can write everything i want!^^