teamwork slash friendship??

you know, sometimes i hate work as a team.. i do love doing everything on my own (sound selfish, right??)

but, the most thing i hate is working with my own friends.. seems like everything kinda mix it up. our friendship's things and also the work itself.

i become more unsatisfied with everything he/she does. i'd prefer do it on my own... *ugh
and the worst, sometimes our relationships seem to be different..

i don't wanna be unprofessional person. but the feeling that bothering me, can't go easily...

dunno what to say, anymore..
i just hope, i did it for everyone goodness.. just don't talk behind someone's back! tell him/her,, find the best solution! yap!

feeling confused? me, too.. i'll tell ya later in the right time, when my brain put in the right place again^^ FIGHTING!!!

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