congrats SONYA CHRISTI!!

august 31, 2009

a message sent in my inbox, it's written:

from Sonya Christi

hon bantuan doanya bwt sidang skripsi gw yah rabu ini tgl 2 gw sidang na....doain gw ya na...tengkyu my pren......met puasa ya nana.......lop yu prenz...."

an old friend of mine, my high school friend, my best friend... ONYA..

never thought this day has come,, even i know she would pass the exam very well!

i remember the first time we met. we are in eleventh grade of high school. she's the smartest girl. and unexpectedly she's not kind of arrogant person (like others smart person always do!). she always gives the spirit for me, esp our hard times at study..

never forget our memories, including our great times walking home from school. jalan seroja,, dari depan sekolah sampai depan polres.. dy naek angkot 41 (if i'm not mistaken!), gw naek 30a, bos naek 09 (kalo ga salah juga ^^-bad memories).. miss dat moment soo..

today, i got a message again from her,

"nana, thanks alot support dari u LULUS tadi pagi gw dah menyelesaikan sidang gw.......thnx my frenz....cepet nyusul ya na...

i can't tell how proud i am, how lucky i am being her friends! all i can do is congrats her for doing a very good job(like always she does)! smoga gw bisa nyusul ya!!!

good luck onya!!!

ps:ditunggu undangan kawinannya^^ hihihi

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