recent reports

been long time not write any post... busy?? not really.. just didn't have mood to write something..

actually i don't have any story to tell,, but i am in the mood to write right now.. hahaha!
i am gonna do a lil report bout everything :

1. an earthquake happened again in Padang. a sad news come to our campus also my friend, chaca. her cousin, jessica was one of the victim. may she rest in peace. amien. also for the other victims, my sympathy for u guys. we'll face this storm together. :)

2. related to news (on number 1), later there were so many issues that spread bout other natural disaster. and it's really annoying, cuz it seems to be a nightmare than a news to warn us.. the effect that i got, almost everyday (in this 3 nights) i got bad dreams (yes, real nightmare).. humph..

3. aha! i forgot! it's been about 3 weeks since eid! just wanna say, happy eid.. mohon maaf lahir batin! hope we'll meet ramadhan for the next year! amien...

4. on lebaran holiday, my family decided to have a trip.. my brother called it tour de java.. but my dad called it, "liburan tak terduga".. why?? well, we've never had any vacation like this. no preparation,, just go! ahahaha... but i do not regret it! sometimes we gotta do things spontaneous like this! ahaha... yes, we had a great vacation on dieng, pangandaran, also puncak.. i'll never forget this! let's have another vacation, people! hahaha...

5. i got a new interesting web. called this web is fun! i can mix and match clothes like a fashion stylist! hahaha.. wonder this will be my side job?? haaha...

6. this week is my first week on campus (semester 7! huaaah..).. and for the very first week, i can tell u how many tasks that i have to do! hah! lecturer said this is for the exercise about making skripsi! hah! my stomach seems to fall in the floor when i heard word "skripsi"! this is my last year to be a student collage! hope gonna pass this phase smoothly.. hiks.. (i'm so emotional)

7. related number 6, since my time to be a student college gonna pass slowly but sure (hah!), recently i am thinking about taking course to improve my skill. i'm thinking about taking english course again (been long time). and also, i think i need to find public speaking course in order to help improve my speaking skill in front of people. so, it can help my job someday! hah! i need to find the information soon.. (actually, i've been searching.. but still deciding.. :D)

8. hhhh.. dont know what should i tell u again... hahaha.. since it's been a long time to write.. hehehe.. well, if i can blame something, i would blame twitter for my absent in blogger.. hahaha.. having twitter makes me a lot easier to speak up my mind.. hahaha! but, dont worry.. i'll post again soon... hahaha...

thanx for reading!

luv ya,

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