Graduation! At Last!

as we go on ~
we remember ~
all the times we had together ~
and as our life change ~
come whatever ~
we will still be ~

#Vitamin C - Graduation


Yeiiy! after waiting for 3 months, i am officially "Sarjana Ekonomi" :)
can't tell how happy i am
all the happy and bad times that had been through, are well paid

like what i wrote on my opening words from thesis, i wanna thanks for the people who gave me spirit and always beside me all the times
parents, siblings, best friends, lecturers, pe es ge ge-ers and also strangers ;P
terima kasih! thank you! kamsahamnida! gracias! merci!

My Kebaya, cantikkk yaaa :)
(Kebaya: Sarinah, Kain Batik: UKM SMESCO)

With Opa :) (cepat lulus ya opa)

PSGG Juniorssss

Partner in Crime (Yosi)

Teman Seperjuangan (Yenny-Chaca)


i just can't wait til my 10 year reunion ~
i'm gonna bust down the double doors ~

and when I stand on these tables before you
you will know what all this time was for ~

#John Mayer - No Such Thing