Cute Lauren

I'm trying to remember how i constantly post many writings in past. I am a Korea Pop Culture Fans since 4 or 5 years ago, when Korean hype is not as loud as nowadays. In those days i keep watching KBS or Arirang. Streaming on Youtube every night. And listening to many kind of K-Pop Group.

It is so sad that i don't have any time to spend my "fanatics into Korea time" again. But I still try to search the information about it. One of my favorite of Korean culture is their Variety Show. It will kill you only by laughter! LOL! I remember in past, I laughed so hard while watching it, and my dad asked me whether i am okay.

Now, one of my reality show that i am watching is called, Hello Baby seasons 5. I've been watching the previous seasons, but I only watch all of SHINee's seasons episodes. I found it that SHINee appas and also Yoogeun are very cute and so entertaning, while other seasons, in my opinion are boring (well, the rest of seasons are hosted by girlbands hehehehe).

So, in this season, MBLAQ members are the appas. And it is very different that their babies (yes 3 babies) are from multicultural family. First is Leo, French-Korean; Dayoong, Korean-Vietnam; and Lauren, Canada-Korean. As you can se my post title, you can tell that I am in love with Lauren!! :)

She's the cutest baby (while others are also cute), and I admire her hair and attitude :D
I can't tell all of her in here, just watch it on Youtube. Here are the pictures of Lauren:

Lauren and Seungho Appa

Gotta grow my hair like her

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