Missing You

Been 2 weeks since I left my previous job. And I kinda miss everything there (except the job :P).
Here are the list of things (or person) that I miss:

1. Cereal Breakfast
Since I have to go earlier (to avoid traffic jam), I didn't have time to have a proper breakfast. That's why, inside my drawer there are many kinda foods or drinks. One of it is K*k* Crunch Cereal. Nyam nyam~

2. Erika
I miss the girl who sit on my left. Eventhough we are being seperated by a shelves, but we often talk through a small open space of it. She is the first person who knows when I am angry, tired, or sad. She even draw and make a note to give me a support! Miss you sooooo muchhhhh, Buyyik :)

3. Hanging out at 6th Floor

I usually talked and have a chit chat with the sales team. They are so hillarious. Sometimes I became their object of bullies, but that's make me even closer with them.

4. Going out for meeting with Marbun
He's the person who always help me with my work. Sometimes I feel when I'm about to stuck and don't know what to do, He came and help me. We usually had a meeting outside. That's why we become close. I missed to have a high-five typical of him! Hahaha! He's the greatest team-mate!

5. My Siblings
I have older brother, Harsyal, and sister, Jessica. I called them Kakak Harsyal and Jecci. They are my first friend from the very start. At our beginning of work we stay and mingle together. I remeber on my last day, I hug Harsyal and cried, while I just smile and laughing when I met the other. I also had a great time with Jessica for the last time (while I still working with her). We went to SMTown Concert together and had fun. I miss them both.

Many things that I miss. Every floor has their own memories that I will never forget.
Well, good luck for you guys, and hope me have a very good luck, too :)

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