My Top 10 2012 Favorite Songs

Yeay yeayy... This is the end month of 2012! For the rest of the day until the last day of 2012, I will post my Favorite 2012 List. Now I am gonna tell you my Top 10 2012 Favorite Songs :). Check and find out what yours.

1. Christina Aguilera - Let There be Love
Basically most of the 2012 songs rhythm is just like this. Dance pop song with the hard drum beat which can move your hip and jump your feet. But I like Christina's voice and happy to know that finally she's got a nice song after long loooooong time. Check out her another song, Love Your Body as well.

2. Bruno Mars - Locked out of Heaven
Finally Bruno is back!! After such a never-ending Bruno's songs since Just The Way You Are until Breaking Dawn's soundtrack which is makes us enough of his voice (at that moment ;)). But now he come back with a fresh genre of music. First time to hear this song, you feel like listening The Police's songs. Great Mr. Mars!

3. Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss
Jepsen successfully come out from the shadow of Call Me Maybe. This Kiss is more easy listening. And I don't know, I just fell in love with the song from the very first time :)

4. Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You
Start with the sound of the piano sound, follows with the RnB sound of Ne-Yo, THIS SONG IS ADDICTIVE! Another plus for this song is the lyrics, to see how Ne-Yo adore and love the girl. Envy you!

5. Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me
No. It's not Backstreet Boys' song. Although both of the songs are good. But it's time for JB to show his sexy and husky voice. Love acoustic version also, when he sang at AMA 2012.

6. Pink - Blow Me One Last Kiss
No need to explain. Just LOOOVE it!

7. SNSD - All My Love for You
This is SNSD's Japanese Song. Other than any SNSD's Japanese-Dancing-Pop Song, i prefer AMLFY. To hear Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun, Sunny and Taeyon (how pity, she's just sing a small part)'s voice is makes me realize how beautiful their voice is. Even though some of the member is just like a decoration of the song :P

8. K-Will - Please Don't
Don't know why his song is always so addictive. The MV is also the first thing to see. For this time, the MV is a little bit ambiguous. Please check and tell me what is it about :)

9. Kim Jong Kook - Men are All Like That
I remember this song came out when I had a fight with my boyfriend. The sad voice of Jong Kook at first made me cry a lot at that time. The MV is good to see also. It visualized of the lyrics. You can also see the cute man, Song Jong Ki ;)

10. Hyuna - Ice Cream
The next sexy Lee Hyori is back! Ice cream is so seductive song. I had an oppurtunity to watch 4 Minute this year, and Hyuna in real life is really sexy!

Extra: Psy - Gangnam Style (AMA Version)
I know all of you are starting sick of this song (me too!). But, Psy is so clever to have a collaboration with MC Hammer. It became soooooooo Great. Especially with the collaboration dance. Makes me wanna dance. How about you?

That's all with my Top 10 2012 Favorite Songs. How about you? Please check my other Top 10 2012 Favorite Things :)