My friend, Vinda sent me videos about her baby daughter, Michel (I don't know if it is the right spelling of her name, hehehe. Correct me if I am wrong). Michel aka Pulen is now about 6 months going 7 months this February. And she is now learning to stand up. Hihihi, I just remember how babies on The Sims learn walking from their parents to get a good traits when they grow up :P

You can see the video below (ps: cute overload alert!!):

Cute huuuuh??? Beside her, the cute thing that I found is her pants! It's Daisy Duck Pink Pants. Uuuuuugh wanna have it! If you find it, please tell me where to buy it :D
Daisy Duck from back! Cute but Sexy :D

 Here are some extra cute photos:

I am a SUMO :P

video and photos source: Vinda

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