Does English make you COOL?

Yesterday I went to my English Course to meet my Educational Consultant. This May I am going to finished my contract. That's why, Alia, my EC called and asked me to review my study progress.

I met her, and she was very nice. I got a compliment too, about my age and my look. She thought that I was a College Student. And I said that I'm not, and I will be 25 years-old this April. That's shocks her, because she said that actually she is younger than I am. Haha! Thanks by the way.

The consultation didn't take so much time. We've only talked about my study habit. I rarely go to the social club, which I have my own reason. Since I am working, it is very hard to keep my self visit there everyday. I only can make it in the evening or on the weekend. Beside that, the reason is I find it now that it's not very effective for me to join those classes.

I said to her that I am really mad to find that some of teenager students often speak in Bahasa when join the classes. The course itself have a motto which is "Totally English Environment" that means you have to speak in English no matter how bad your English. This is the main reason why I chose this course. We know that we could learn English grammatically by book or by other English Course. But here, I must speak in English, and the environment itself could help me to speak English fluently. 

Form our conversation, Alia admitted that they need to be more hard with the students. I accept that. But she also give me another fact that nowadays teenagers really want to join this English Course to prove their social lifestyle. They think if they join this course, they will look very cool!

What?! This is ridiculous. I know that this course cost very expensive. But that's not people recognition you need, but your education and knowledge! I know these teenagers think that the have to be popular and GAUL, but their parents need to educate them very well. They have to know what is the main purpose to have your kid join this course.

Hear this fact, I become more disappointed. I hope Speaking and Learning English is become the trend, not Join An Expensive English Course.