Yes Katy Perry! You're Gonna Hear Me ROAR

Been very busy these weeks. I feel like trapped in a situation and I couldn't go and do what I want to do.

But hey, Katy used to feel the same way like I did! She used to bite her tongue and hold her breath. Scared to rock the boat and make a mess. 

And you know what? She did like I did! We sat quitely and agreed politely. We both forgot that we had a choice. So we ended stood for nothing and fell for everything.

In the end, I feel like She's talking to me, "They held you down, so you'd better got up"

Thanks Katy, I feel like I need to let everyone know that I am a Champion and They're gonna hear me Roar!

note: All the words are inspired by Katy Perry's New Song Lyric, Roar. I don't have any intention, just wanna have this words to be remembered in my mind and to be my own spirit :)

everything is gonna be okay :)

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