EF#8 Dear Little Lia

I love this week theme: Write to the Younger You - 10 years ago. Now I am gonna write to my little me.


Jakarta, February 2nd, 2015

Dear 16 years old Lia,

Hi how are you? You must be very happy to know that in a few months you'll have a new age. A legal age! New identity card, driving is allowed, and many things to do as an adult.

But do you know that being an adult is not always great as you think? I can say that a life in front of you is about decision and responsibility. As an older you, I will give you so many great suggestions. Now take a moment to see and think about these suggestions below:

I know when I am at your age I was a little bit lost. I didn't have older brother and sister to talk and shared their experiences. Instead, I was the one who shared my experience to my younger siblings. You must be very confused. But don't worry you'll get through all of these.
It's okay if you can't do all of my suggestions. I can say that even until now you'll be okay of whatever path you'll choose. So be brave and just keep dreaming. Hope I can see you in the next 20 years.

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