I Got A New Cool Job!

Hello guys!

I usually don't talk about work in my personal blog. It seems very private and I don't want to share it in here.

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But for this time I really want to tell you that I decided to quit my current job after I got a new job. I will work at a great company which has holdings in commercial and industrial sectors, from oil, telecom, mining, construction, engineering, real estate, technology, and health care. And I will be the employee in one of this company's successful business.

Rather than working in such a great company, I am more interested with the new job that I got. It is very different from my previous job. I will be working very close with animals, which the job that I love. Even though the animals in here are very different with other animals, but I am optimist that I can do my job very well. 

Since I am new employee, I am very excited to get my new employee's ID. And I finally got it today.

Yeiyy! Here is my ID:

Yes, I will work as a veterinarian at Jurassic World in Isla Nublar! Can you imagine it? I am so happy :D

And if you really interested to work in this company, you may apply the available positions in Masrani Global Official Website. There are a lot of available positions are waiting for you. Yes, you know that this theme park will be huge. So you'd better apply fast!

Meet My Boss

Any tips? Just remember as my boss (Mr. Simon Masrani) said, "we want you, to be yourself".

Good luck on your application :)

All photos are courtesy of Masrani Global's Official Website

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