EF#22 Singapore, Wait For Me!

Sometimes I wonder how time flies so fast. I feel like just yesterday when I told travel story about Bogor. And now here we go again with another challenge. 

This week's challenge a little bit hurt my feelings. It's hard to remember a failed holiday, which is the most hateful, sad, awful remembered moment for me hahaha!

I have shared this story over and over again in this blog, that my friends and I failed to go to Singapore last February because I had to go for Umroh (which turns out to be a journey that I have never ever regret it). We arranged the destination and tickets since one year before. I really wanted to go because I think that this year was gonna be the last year when my friends and I go traveling while still single (I mean, most of my friends are going to be married this year, while I am still wishing hihihi).

I even went for blog competitions (here and here) and wished that I could travel to Singapore for free. And sadly, I didn't win at all.

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By the way, do you know why I want to go to this country? I wanna see this, and makes me wanna visit there more after I read this.

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